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Complying with today’s rapid evolution of concrete applications requires flexible and reliable plants. From the modernization of existing plants to the construction of brand new facilities, each project is based on a thorough analysis of the client’s individual needs. Astec provides a one stop shopping opportunity for it’s customers. From the design stage to the commissioning of a concrete batch plant, Astec directly manages each step of the project through a modular and integrated approach within a structure that is ISO 9001-2015 certified.

Astec manufactures reliable stationary dry/transit mix and wet /central mix batch plants, ranging from 120 to 240 yd3/hr (50 m³ to 183 m³/hr), to meet your particular production needs. Our stationary models (LP-8, LP-9) and our high production large capacity plants are tailored to meet your needs.


Use means and methods approved by the paver manufacturer. Means and methods may include chain curtains, deflector plates, or other similar devices or combination of devices. When required by the Engineer, provide a Certificate of Compliance verifying use of the means and methods required to prevent segregation. 306-3.06 ROLLERS.

Emission Factor Documentation for AP-42 Section 11.12

At most of these plants, sand, aggregate, cement and water are all gravity fed from the weight hopper into the mixer trucks. The concrete is mixed on the way to the site where the concrete is to be poured. At some of these plants, the concrete may also be manufactured in a central mix drum and transferred to a transport truck.


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APPLYING STATISTICAL METHODS FOR FURTHER IMPROVEMENT OF HIGH-PERFORMANCE CONCRETE FOR NEW YORK STATE BRIDGE DECKS A new concrete mixture designated "Class HP" for high-performance has been developed for bridge decks in New York State.

How Microsilica Improves Concrete

Microsilica in concrete contributes to strength and durability two ways: as a pozzolan, microsilica provides a more uniform distribution and a greater volume of hydration products; as a filler, microsilica decreases the average size of pores in the cement paste.

BCL Ready Mix Concrete

The Microsilica is used to provide concrete with higher strength and durability while ice is used to control the concrete temperature which is essential factor for pouring concrete during summer. BCL is the sole Ready mix supplier to have included at its plant facilities a 3 stage electrical sand screen in order to improve the quality of the ...

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RB 6.08 Microsilica Powder (A1501)

Rockbond Admix 1501 (RB 6.08) Microsilica Powder is an ultra-fine cementitious powder (undensified silica fume) which when added to Portland cementitious mortars and concretes, radically improves the performance of the material in both its plastic and hardened states. USES: To improve the consistency and application rates of non-flow cementitious materials. For use to prevent bleeding and ...

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Effect of Micro Silica on The Strength of Concrete

Effect of Micro Silica on The Strength of Concrete with Ordinary Portland Cement Verma Ajay 1, Chandak Rajeev 2 and Yadav R.K. 2 1Structural Engineering Department, Jabalpur Engineering College, Jabalpur, MP, INDIA 2

Alternatives to Retaining Walls

Jul 17, 2017 · There are options to the heavy, cast concrete walls that can be seen alongside every major highway. These alternatives to retaining walls should be carefully considered, because they blend into the surrounding landscape rather than create an eyesore.

Construction Databook

Concrete piles Precast concrete piles and cast-in-place concrete piles that utilize driven corrugated shells as their forming material. Soldier piles HP piles driven in soil, to bedrock, or to concrete-filled shafts, depending upon the depth of toe-in required soldier piles are used as support for wood lagging in lieu of sheet piling.

Fly Ash, Slag, Silica Fume, and Natural Pozzolans, Chapter 3

Fly Ash, Slag, Silica Fume, and Natural Pozzolans Fly ash, ground granulated blast-furnace slag, silica fume, and natural pozzolans, such as calcined shale, calcined clay or metakaolin, are materials that, when used in conjunc-tion with portland or blended cement, contribute to the properties of the hardened concrete through hydraulic or

The National Ready Mixed Concrete Association’s

Welcome to the Silica in the Ready Mixed Concrete Industry Training Guide brought to you by the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association. This document , derived from the Occupational Health and Safety Administration’s ...

Types of Admixtures of Concrete & Cement | Chemical

2017/03/18 · A material other than water, aggregates, or cement that is used as an ingredient of concrete or mortar to control setting and early hardening, workability, or to provide additional cementing properties. Admixtures are ...

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Midwest Manufacturing ® has been in business since 1969, starting with a truss plant in Eau Claire, WI. As the company grew, more plants and products were added, these plants manufacture steel roofing & siding, Mastercraft ® interior & exterior doors, UltraDeck ® composite decking and fencing, treated lumber, concrete block, engineered roof & floor …

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National Highway Specifications Reports

SECTION 9.22 BITUMINOUS CONCRETE SIDEWALK BITUMINOUS CONCRETE DRIVEWAY 9.22.01--Description: This item shall consist of bituminous concrete surfaced sidewalk or driveway constructed on a gravel or reclaimed miscellaneous aggregate base course in the locations and to the dimensions and details shown on the plans or as directed by the Engineer ...

Concrete Repair Terminology New

CONCRETE REPAIR TERMINOLOGY Concrete, pumped - Concrete which is transported through a hose or pipe by means of a pump. Concrete, reinforced - Concrete containing adequate reinforcement (pre stressed or not prestressed) and designed on the assumption that the two materials act together in resisting forces.


replacement for Portland cement used in concrete, while it actually improves strength, segregation, and ease of pumping of the concrete. Fly ash is also used as an ingredient in brick, block, paving, and structural fills. Fly ash concrete was first used in the USA in 1929 for the Hoover Dam,

Microsilica Concrete Overlays

… decks with adequate reinforcing bar cover, cast-in- place decks with burlap curing and strict enforcement of temperature gradient during pouring, high-quality con- crete and quality control methods,and properly constructed latex-modified concrete– or microsilica -modified concrete – overlaid decks.

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Gulf Construction Online - Microsilica adds longevity to concrete

In the case of strong acids, the improved permeability will often be of minor consequence, since the attack will take place on the surface of the concrete. US Borax plant in Death Valley, US, is a good example where specially-designed Elkem microsilica concrete was used to provide chemical resistance to areas subjected to acids pills (5 per ...

Section 03 01 00 Concrete Rehabilitation

Concrete Rehabilitation *** SIKA SPECIFICATION NOTE: This guide specification includes test methods, materials and installation procedures for SikaRepair®-224, structural repairs in parking lots, industrial plants, walkways

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Micro Silica, Micro silica Manufacturers, Suppliers & Dealers

Micro Silica Micro Silica is a byproduct of producing silicon metal or ferro silicon alloys. One of the most beneficial uses for Micro Silica is in concrete. Because of its chemical and physical properties, it is a very reactive pozzolan. Concrete containing Micro Silica can have very high strength and can be very durable.


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Microsilica in Concrete

Microsilica in Concrete Microsilica is a byproduct from silicon metal or ferrosilicon industries, where these metals are produced in submerged electric arc furnaces. As the molten metal is produced, a silica-based gas is emitted. This gaseous fume, as it rises, cools rapidly and forms extremely minute, amorphous, spherical particles.


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